21 Febbraio 2024

Mikel luzea & Ion Fiz take over the Runway in Paris with Revlon Professional


Revlon Professional unveiled yesterday a fascinating catwalk in Paris set in the historic Le Théâtre du Renard, to present a stunning show featuring the unique collaboration of Spanish hairdressing icon Mikel Luzea and acclaimed fashion designer Ion Fiz.

Hairdressing & fashion design fusioned on the runway with Ion Fiz presenting its new women’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, 'Le Présage' and hairstylist Mikel Luzea –along with his artistic team, Ione EriceAlberto Manchado and Alicia Nájera– focusing on their new collection 'Sigh'. Both brands were in Paris thanks to Revlon Professional, also the exclusive sponsor to an event which included more than 150 attendees and the front row presence of famous Spanish actress Adriana Ugarte.

Mikel Luzea is a Spanish hairstylist with international recognition and indisputable salon creativity. Renowned by the most prestigious awards in the industry, his hairstyling collections are commonly seen in international publications and magazines from all over the world. For five years, Mikel has also been the President of Club Figaro, a non-profit entity that unites the most prestigious hairdressing brands in Spain that work for the recognition of the profession. His collection 'Sigh' takes back the beauty and nature of curly hair and volume. His show was an omen to the high locks of the 80s, through new silhouettes, textures and colors rendered with flawless technique.

His partnership with fashion designer Ion Fiz for this show has proved a new success in Mikel Luzea's career, vindicating the place of hairdressing artistry in the fashion business with an international audience.

Ion Fiz also took advantage of this opportunity to internationally exhibit 'Le Présage', which was launched last month in Madrid's Fashion Week. This has been a before and after mark for Ion Fiz, baptized by the press as the Spanish Fashion’s 'Bad Boy,' and the most dignified heir to Pertegaz – Fiz’s mentor.

On its own, Revlon Professional proves that its sponsorship is a high valuable asset to promote Spanish hairdressing creativity and fashion talent in the most coveted catwalk of the world – the Paris Fashion Week.


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