10 Giugno 2023

Glossy Girl’s haircut tutorial

A medium line proposed by Luigi Martini for Sens.ùs. With a sensual allure that can be enhanced with a smooth brushing but also in the Curly Volume version, in full Glossy Girl style.

1- Prepare the hair using Illumyna Illumy-light. Start from the outer corner of the eye on both sides and mark out a triangular fringe section.

4- Comb the back perimeter section in natural fall and cut in a straight line along the shoulders with flat blade scissors.

5- Elevate the parietal section 0° and bring it over to the front. Cut the section on a back diagonal, taking the chin as the initial reference length. Connect to the perimeter. Repeat on the opposite side.

6- Elevate a central back guideline 45° and cut in a straight line with flat blade scissors. Cut each back section on itself referring to the guideline.

7- Let the hair in the top area down and connect the section at 45° using the central back guideline as a reference.

10- Start again from the top central guideline and elevate it 90°. Cut the strand slightly diagonally outwards. Cut every top section over the previous one using the same technique until the ear.

12- Let the fringe area down and cut a first central section using the eye as the reference length.

13- Cut the side sections of the fringe diagonally outwards. Once the haircut is complete, apply Thermo Repair Milk and brush straight. For a wavy effect, use Daily Repair Leave In mixed with Lift Volume Fluid.

Artistic Direction & concept: Luigi Martini for Sens.ùs
Creative Direction: Gian Enrico Barbagli for Sens.ùs
Hair: Luigi Martini & International Creative Team for Sens.ùs
Photo: Mauro Mancioppi
Make-up: Raffaella Tabanelli
Styling: Luca Termine

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