A love… and hair… story

A video is going viral on line. A little girl's gesture of love for her little brother who's ill. A video to watch until the very end.

Follow your heart… and your hair will follow. The video that has recently gone viral on the web takes just a few minutes to tell a story of love, empathy, and sharing. A little girl cuts her own hair to give it to her little brother who has lost his due to illness. A simple, yet heartwarming gesture.

Once again the importance of hair in our daily life strikes a chord because it is in intimate part of our very identity. The story behind this video is similar to another true story about Christian McPhilamy that we featured a few months ago in Estetica.it.


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Oww tienen que verlo <3Únete a > Jajaja Me Das Risa < Para más Vídeos así ❤

Posted by DJ Mundial on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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