22 Settembre 2021

Farouk Step by Step

Essentiality Collection- The Sophisticate. A combination of soft, long layers and blonde tones for the fashion-forward

1 Use SunGlitz Ash Blonde Cream Lightener and Strawberry Blonde Cream Lightener. Mix each separately with SunGlitz Activator 1 (one part color and two parts developer).

2 Section a diamond shape in the interior part of the root area.

3 Place the first slice diago-nally backwards. Apply the SunGlitz Ash Blonde formula from roots to ends.

4 Place the second slice diagonally forwards. Apply the SunGlitz Strawberry Blond formula.

5 Take thin sections and alternate the colors. The end result shows 16 diagonally placed foils with alternating tones. Once the desired lift is achieved, thoroughly rinse SunGlitz from the hair until water runs clear. Shampoo hair with SunGlitz Color Enhancement Shampoo and seal the hair with SunGlitz Natural Sun Sealer Daily Conditioner.

6 Divide the head into 5 triangles, leaving out the exterior area.

7 Start at the apex triangle, distributing the hair vertically, and twist the hair, keeping your fingers horizontal.

8 The section under the apex (upper nape) is sculpted in an increased form and connected to the triangle at the apex.

9 The triangle at the front hairline is distributed vertically, keeping your fingers horizontal and connected to the apex.

10 Distribute the triangles above the temple area vertically and twist horizontally to create a concave shape.

11 Distribute the fringe horizontally and pinch together.

12 Distribute the sides in a natural fall using a slicing technique to connect the fringe and frame the face. Use CHI Line Extension styling aids that can specifically fill the needs of the client’s hair and DURA CHI Styling Tools to complete the Sophisticate look. .

Hair: Farouk Systems Artistic Director Patrick Kalle
Photo: Richard Monsieurs
Make-up: Juliette den Ouden
Styling: Gerline Hornsveld

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