20 Febbraio 2024

Donating hair at just 8 years old


His name is Christian McPhilamy, he’s 8 years old and decided to let his hair grow long to be able to donate it to children suffering from hair loss due to illness.

Heroes are ageless. And Christian McPhilamy proved that he had the right stuff to become a hero. He’s eight years old, lives in Florida and succeeded in reaching a goal that was extremely important for him. Two years ago, after seeing a television commercial for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital that had a strong impact on him, he decided to let his hair grow to be able to donate it to Children With Hair Loss, and American association that helps children suffering from tumours, leukaemia, and cancer.

This was a decision that was to bring about challenges, not only for having to take care of longer hair, but also and above all to be courageous in facing his friends, and even sometimes the parents of his classmates. But he held strong and succeeded: the result was 30 cm of ash blonde hair to be given to one of the 335 patients followed by the association, between the ages of 2 and 20.

“He decided to do some research of his own and lend a hand, and he succeeded,” explained his mother Deeanna Thomas to Florida Today. “Hi friends would insult him and treat him like a sissy, parents even offered him money for a haircut. But he never gave up, as he was determined to reach his objective. He never failed to explain to others why he made the decision he did.”


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