16 Luglio 2024

AllureShop is online

Estetica’s eCommerce portal launches in Europe, offering the chance to buy professional equipment at competitive prices.

Consumers from all over Europe continue to prove enthusiastic about shopping via the web: in 2014, around half of EU consumers purchased something online. This was the news announced at the end of March by Margrethe Vestager, European Antitrust Commissioner, as she presented a proposed investigation into industry competitiveness in the electronic field, in an attempt to combat the obstacles which continue to slow down eCommerce (particularly in international terms).

Powered by Estetica
In the light of this situation and with the aim of constant progress, the Estetica E-Shop for Hairdressers has moved beyond Italy with AllureShop.com, the international version of the portal. Thanks to this site, all hairdressers can now buy the best professional equipment at competitive prices. This is not a simple eCommerce initiative, however – it’s a “powered by Estetica” site, which means it comes with the guarantee of a platform managed by a company that combines 60 years of industry experience with a huge passion for the web and all things digital. To create this new portal, the company employed professional consultancy services from the likes of NetComm (Italian electronic commerce consortium) and PVS Service Italia (one of the European leaders in storage, logistics, fulfillment and customer care).

Safe Shopping
AllureShop is an eCommerce site that offers products directly from companies, with quality and genuine brand guarantees. And “smart” prices are also available, thanks to the reduced number of intermediary steps between “producer and consumer”. The first stage presents the stars of eCommerce, the equipment. Almost 1,000 items including hairdryers, straightening and curling irons, as well as combs, scissors and rollers from well-known brands. But BaBylissPRO, Corioliss, Elchim, Gama Professional, Moser, Müster, Panasonic and Termix will soon be joined by other brands as the international portal demonstrates its dedication to constant evolution.
Some of the fundamental features of Estetica eCommerce remain – simple and user-friendly navigation, easy access from smartphone and tablet, customer service via email or online forms, and special offers available only to registered members.

The Product
To avoid mistakes when ordering, the product specs are easy to consult and include pictures that can be zoomed in on for closer inspection, the original price of the item, its discounted price, and a full description. But also, depending on the product, there may be related fashion pics and videos, instructions for use, a product retail sheet with special features and expert testimonials to show clients. Furthermore, each brand has its own dedicated page with all the official info, a real online shopwindow for product collections, videos, and PR pics.

5 reasons to buy from AllureShop

  1. Totally free
    Computer, tablet o smartphone? It makes no difference – AllureShop can be viewed without problems on any device, it’s easy to navigate, with your next purchase just one click away.

  1. Eyes open for special prices and offers
    A direct relationship with the companies, without intermediaries, means that AllureShop prices are extremely competitive. And thanks to an indepth knowledge of the industry, its offers are really tempting.

  1. Constant flow of new arrivals
    The AllureShop.com team, in partnership with Estetica publishing staff, are constantly researching new products for its sales portfolio

  1. Top class logistics
    One of the top European specialists in eCommerce services is responsible for logistics and delivery.

  1. Constant Customer Care
    Thanks to the email service or online form, receiving information or resolving doubts has never been so easy.



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