16 Luglio 2024

Haute Coiffure Française. A voyage in the world of fashion

In Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre, HCF presented the new collection dubbed Arty and an ethnically-inspired show to more than 2 thousand hairdressers.

Imagined for a contemporary and emancipated Parisian woman, the autumn/winter collection presented on the main stage of the Carrousel du Louvre of the HCF is at once Arty, pop, and rock. The hairdressers of the artistic team (Sophie Bauçais, Jérémy Blanc, Laurent Decreton, Eric Zemmour, accompanied by Pauline Truong, winner of the HCF Trophy 2014) created precise and original works to give life and movement to natural materials and propose dual lengths for a done/undone effect. A prêt-à-porter collection, dynamic and colourful, that imparts a true note of optimism.

This was followed by a show of ethnic inspiration that embodies all the imagination of the team. From his or her own travels to the four corners of the world, each hairdresser contributed a personal vision of distant lands: Christophe Gaillet wanted to bring different continents to life; Véronique Dumazet, Cyril Fourcade, and Laurent Tourette transported the public to the gateways of Africa; Eric Zemmour journeyed into Middle East Laurent Decreton, Laetitia Guenaou and Philippe Laurent Asian territories.

After the presentation of the awards for the “Meilleurs Apprentis de France” to the 25 winners, the HCF once again transported the audience, guiding them to the frozen areas of Russia with the hairdressers Valeria Khoikhina, Ekatarina Krupaderova, Zossia Lavnik, Dmitry Maguine, Sergueï Ryabinkine, and Leyla Svezhentseva.

Through the talent of the Russian team, the heroine Anna Karenina was the star on stage. Three universes were imagined to symbolise three different stages of her life. A youthful Anna Karenina, fascinated by extravagant fashion and the red hues of Russia. Then, a more spiritual vision that is closer to nature, to purity, to white, and serenity, eventually reaching the tragic and mature side of an extraordinary woman attired in black and luxury. A femme fatale who combines elegance and extravagance, a mythical personage associated in our imagination with the beauty of Russian women.

The day concluded with the Master Class held by all the members of the HCF creative team on this season's cut and colour trends. The appointment with the next edition of HCF is set for 15 February 2015, with the HCF Trophy 2015.

Photo Credits: Didier Adam



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