2 Dicembre 2023

HCF Trophy 2014. All the shows


On 16 February there was the finale of the HCF Trophy 2014 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Eventi nell'evento, la giornata di HCF è stata costellata da una serie di appuntamenti.

Cut Collection
Presented by the HCF creative team, the Cut Collection develops a hype-rock mood for a demanding and contemporary woman. A natural styling suitable for something new everyday or for a wedding with glamour accents. Cut marks a return to the essential: the beauty of hair. Signed by Sophie Baucais, Véronique Dumazet, Laurent Tourette.

Bem vindo ao Brasil
A three-stop trip to explore the beauty of Brazil: from the flora and fauna, to Carnival, to precious stones, interpreted by stylists of the HCF Brasile artistic team with the collaboration of L'Oréal Professionnel Brasil.

HCF Trophy 2014
Always seeking new talent, the sixth edition of the International HCF Trophy stood out for seeking innovative creativity, free from limitations of age or affiliation. About one hundred stylists from 15 countries put their talent on the line by creating a total look (cut, colour, and styling) through before/after modules. Following a careful selected a couple of weeks before the actual event, the professional press and hairdressing jury nominated 10 finalists to take the stage.

Once upon a time…
This is the show where some of the best stylists participated: Jeremy Bianco, Laetitia Guenaou, Philippe Laurent, Eric Zemmour, Laurent, Christophe Decreton Cleavers. A show built around fairy tales and legends. Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away…

Master Wedding
Speaking of Brides. The HCF Trophy 2014 stage will be hosting technique demonstrations and bridal ideas by 10 stylists belonging to the HCF creative team.

And the winner is…
Finally, the winners names were announced:
– L'Oréal Professional Products Award presented by Colin Ford: Chanel Laporte for Canada.
– People’s Choice Award presented by Marie Coccoluto and Mario Lopes: Angela Kraft Arnone for the Netherlands.
– 3rd place presented by Eva Laborderie and Jean-Marie Gavet: Chanel Laporte for Canada.
– 2nd place presented by Barbara Wuillot and Jeremy Bianco: Silas Tsang for Canada.
– HCF Trophy Winner 2014 presented by Pedro Hernandez Armas Senén and Francesco L.Rhod: Paulina Truong for Canada.

Photo Credits: Didier Adam


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