23 Settembre 2021

Kemon – latest trends, romantic dark & romantic grunge

Kemon Fashion Night a Firenze

New ideas and sensations were on stage during the DinnerShow with the presentation of the Master Collection 2014, The Italian Touch

The event organized by Kemon featured professional hairdressers from all over the world and was presented by showgirl Petra Loreggian. During the course of the evening, Kemon’s new collection The Italian Touch was presented. Inspired by the Eighties and Nineties, the influence of the dark and grunge movements is particularly clear, but here reinterpreted in a more positive and warmer version. The shared theme for all the hair fashion styles was Romantic dark and Romantic Grunge.

Gothic shape, colour and structures ruled in the “dark” proposals, inspired not only by numerous fashion shows but also by other sources such as the film Dune by David Lynch. The final results are perfect for the most ethereal to the most androgynous, or even the most introverted women (who love hiding themselves behind a long concealing fringe, revealing themselves only to those most deserving).
Then, grunge yes, but now in a chic and glamorous version of the original Nineties messy look. Designed for contemporary Courtney Love types, emphasis goes on destructured fringes and the “raw edge” concept that comes straight from the fashion world.

And the night went on, with Disco-Night in collaboration with the staff of O’Tel Varieté, the heart of Florentine nightlife. Then, Monday 16th September was wholly dedicated to education – with look&learn sessions on cut and colour techniques, held by The Italian Touch hairstyling team.

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