27 Settembre 2023

Hairdressing Observatory

Negative economic reports all over Europe. This data (exclusively supplied for Estetica by the Hairdressing Observatory, run by the I+C Institute in Paris) refers to the fourth quarter of 2008.

Hairdressing salon business

Hairdressing salon work registered drops from minus four percent to minus six percent (Spain). Family budgets suffered from the credit crunch and spending was subjected to even further cuts towards the end of 2008. Not even the Christmas period was able to make a difference. In France, a decrease in spending of –4% was registered in comparison with the last quarter of 2007 (overall, 2008 closed with a drop of 1.5%). Italy also registered –4%. Even worse economic figures in Germany and the UK (-5%). The hardest to suffer was Spain, with –6% – an even worse result considering the fantastic figures which the Spanish market has had in recent years.

Product sales in salons

Dark times also for the retailing sector, suffering all over Europe. This time it was Germany which registered the worst results (-5.5%) whilst Italy seems ready to turn the corner, despite also dropping to –3.5%. However, the situation is indeed black, as proven by the minus figures everywhere.

The table shows profit figures for hairdressing salon work around Europe in 2008, both quarterly and annual.

The table shows the retailing figures for Europe throughout 2008, both quarterly and annual.

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